The McClendon-Smith & Barrantes-Isibor, P.C.

The McClendon-Smith & Barrantes-Isibor, P.C.


Welcome To The McClendon-Smith & Barrantes-Isibor, P.C.

The McClendon-Smith & Barrantes-Isibor, P.C. assists clients in wide range of practice areas throughout the five boroughs of New York and Westchester/Rockland Counties. Our firm has a reputation for zealously advocating for the underdog, providing superior results, and demonstrating utmost professionalism.

"We help clients navigate complex legal issues and achieve peaceful resolutions."

Our Vision


"E'Shondra McClendon-Smith is focused, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best results for her client. She has an excellent knowledge of the law and believes in meticulous preparation by conducting research, which is evident when you discuss matters with her. When interacting or working with her, the timeliness of her responses is unparalleled. She is superb.


We are very pleased with all the services provided to my fiancé & I; we struggled for information about whats required of U.S immigration laws, entitlements and legal obligations involved in the post matrimonial process. E'Shondra did more in one month than we accomplished in 6 months. We are very pleased with the service provided and results being obtained and look forward to future business."

- K. G.

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